What is Your New Year's Resolution . . . A Brand New You
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What is Your New Year's Resolution . . . A Brand New You

Every year we make a special resolution to change something about ourselves . . . which last maybe a couple of weeks. What can we do to make a more conscientious effort to fulfill our "dreams"

It’s that time of year when we vow to make changes in our lives for the better by making a New Year’s resolutions. Whether we want to be a better person, quit smoking, and/or make more money (the dream we all have), we know deep in our hearts we want to make that change. But, do we have the strength and willpower to do so? It is not a hopeless cause as you may fear and with a better mind-set, that aforementioned willpower and a good support system, you can succeed with the goals you set for the New Year and a new you.

The number one resolution seems to be losing weight. Most of us let ourselves go and when the holidays roll around, it’s an even harder battle. We give up and then think “oh well, I’ll start losing weight January 1st . . . maybe the 2nd, since we are still partying on the first.” I know, because I do this all the time myself. I know this year will be different for me because my health is being affected by excess weight . . . but where do I start? It can be so frustrating because we know what we want and need to do but aren’t sure how to achieve those goals. We have to vow to make that commitment to ourselves for the success we can envision in our dreams.

The best road to success is to follow a familiar path that has worked for you in the past, with plans to achieve the results you desire on a long term basis. My greatest success was with weight watchers. It is a healthy balanced diet plan where you can eat nearly anything . . . in moderation. It can be a healthy choice for success in your life, if you don’t mind counting points . . . or follow their alternative plan with no points but specific foods to eat, unlimited.

I am also impressed with the Biggest Loser, their plan and great results. We never miss a show and get reeled into the lives of the participants with tremendous success stories. I just know I could not keep up with the intensity of the workout at my tender senior age . . . and I know I would be in tears all the time if I had to endure the harsh words directed from Bob and Jillian . . . even though I know it is all a part of the great success.

My diet resolution is to try the new 17-day diet plan as seen on Dr. Phil and the Doctors TV broadcast. It involves a four-cycle process:

• Acceleration – This cycle promotes fat burning, cleansing, and a quick weight loss without storing fat.

• Activation – This cycle resets your metabolism.

• Achievement – This cycle teaches you good eating habits and shows you how to eat carbohydrates the right way.

• Arrival – This cycle combines the first three cycles.

Basically, the plan promotes an elimination of refined sugar, making healthy choices, eliminating alcoholic beverages, eating breakfast every morning, eliminating processed foods, increasing water intake (not a problem for me), and increasing natural food intake. You can eat the foods you love on the weekends and still achieve your goals following this easy plan for long term results.

I am very excited to get started and begin feeling better. The foods we currently eat with lack of fitness and the excess weight we carry on our bodies has a strong impact on our health and well-being.

Exercise has to be a conscientious effort for success as well, in conjunction with our new way of eating. Make that decision to join a club, whether it be your YMCA, park district, local health club, Curves, Jazzercise/dancing, or whatever else can get you to move. If you are losing weight, you will need to tone it up as well. Many of you may even, like me, have fitness equipment setting in your home, collecting storage and/or dust. My goal is to set a routine to use that equipment as intended each week in conjunction with the 17-day diet. As with any fitness program, start small and work your way up. If you too choose the 17-day diet, you may also opt for their 17 minute fitness program that is offered as well. After all, we can commit to 17 minutes of feeling healthier, can’t we?

Whatever your New Year’s resolution, do it for you, for the long term, in order to achieve your long term goals. Give it a lot of thought and focus on your desired goals. Remember that the winner is you and your health will excel. Good luck with your New Year and the new you.


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