Weight Loss in Summertime
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Weight Loss in Summertime

weight loss in summertime

You might be looking forward to summer all year round. Naturally a beach person, you cannot wait to get your skin on the cool crystal waters. In the midst of the increasing temperatures, nothing seems more inviting than dipping in the beach. Your travel bag has everything you need to ensure that you will only have the best experience at the beach – sun block for the lips and entire body, a wide-brimmed hat, extra-big sunglasses, slip-ons, and of course, skimpy tops and bottoms. And yet, something does not feel right. You go make a double check of your appearance, and the mirror confirms your suspicion – you have gained quite a few pounds.

Weight gain is common during the cold, wintry months, but in summer? While the idea might sound surprising, weight gain during summer is really a normal consequence of the hot temperature. Why this is so is because when the weather is hot, the body is not at its optimum level of health. Meaning, there are certain parts of the body’s system that are unable to function normally. One particular bodily function that gets altered in the heat of the summertime is flushing out excess water. As the body is not able to excrete the excess water out of the system, the water gets retained in the body, leading to weight gain. So sometimes, it’s really not that one is fat; there’s just perhaps too much water being retained by the body.

Anyhow, how would you be able to lose weight in the summertime when the cause of weight gain is water retention?

1. Don’t stop dreaming. You’ll still be able to fit into your skimpy beach tops and bottoms, although for sure it’s not going to happen immediately. Don’t get overly depressed – it doesn’t help you lose the excess water. You’ll only stress yourself out this way, and stress contributes to weight gain, remember that.

2. Devote at least half an hour everyday for cardio activities. Any cardio activity when done consistently and appropriately helps in the elimination of the extra fluids from the body. Brisk walking or bicycling for thirty minutes every day should pretty much do the trick.

3. Stay away from foods that have high amounts of salt. Sodium causes water retention and should be avoided when trying to rid the body of excess water. Junk foods, processed foods, preserved foods, and canned foods have very high sodium content. As much as possible, make your own meals so you’ll be able to control the amount of salt you season them with.

4. Eat more of the fruits that have natural diuretic properties such as cantaloupe and citrus foods. These fruits are abundant come summertime, so you should not have a problem with this.

5. Get yourself to diurese more by drinking between 8 to 12 250-ml glasses of water every day. This is going to make you go to the restroom often, but it’s going to contribute to your eventual weight loss, too. Drinking plenty of fluids will eliminate the water being retained by the body, while at the same time get you to take in fewer calories. Keep in mind, though, that while your object is to lose as much of the excess water as possible, you would certainly want to avoid getting dehydrated. So take only pure water, not carbonated drinks or beverages that contain caffeine.

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