Website Review: Morningstar Farms (Meatout Mondays Part 4)
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Website Review: Morningstar Farms (Meatout Mondays Part 4)

Morningstar Farms is a line of vegetarian and vegan products manufactured by Kellogg's. Many are much lower in fat than meat from animals. MEATLESS MONDAYS!!

Many people know eating large amounts of meat is not the greatest thing for their health, but they don’t want to become vegetarians, and that’s okay and it’s their choice. Some people choose one day a week to give up meat, at least for dinner. Something called Meatout Mondays (or Meatless Mondays) was created in the mid-1980s and is still going strong.

As some of you may know, I've been doing Meatout (or Meatless) Monday recipes here for the last few weeks. Instead of actually posting a recipe this week, I will be reviewing one of my favorite product websites: Morningstar Farms. You certainly don't have to be vegetarian to enjoy this website.

Morningstar Farms is a line of vegetarian and vegan products manufactured by Kellogg's. Many are much lower in fat than meat from animals.

Website Review: The Layout

The homepage is attractive and designed well, in my opinion. At the top left there is a search bar you can use to search for something specific, or you can use their categories to guide you. You can search their products by type (New Products, Breakfast, Burgers, Chik’n, Entrées, Meal Starters™, Vegan, and Veggie Corn Dogs. If you prefer, you can search products by "lifestyle:" cholesterol-free products, high fiber products, kosher, lower fat, organic, etc.

The website also features a link for "Where to Buy" the products, which you can search a number of ways, including entering your zip code to see the nearest stores that offer the product you'd like to buy. You can also search for where specific products are sold, for example, within a certain distance of the zip code entered, where you can buy Morningstar Farms Sesame Chik'n or another specific item.

Also on the website are "Better Eating Basics," which is a guide to eating and cooking better foods. People can leave helpful comments and suggestions also, so this portion is interactive to an extent. You can submit your own recipes to the Morningstar Farms (MSF) website as well.

Morningstar Farms: Products and Availability

Morningstar Farms products are available in nearly every grocery store. They offer analog meat products (also known as fake meat or meat substitutes) such as veggie buffalo wings and chicken nuggets, chick'n patties, veggie burgers, riblets, fake sausage links and patties, breakfast sandwiches, chili, black bean burgers, enchiladas, and much more. As earlier mentioned, it's easy to find what you're looking for: simply go to the website and enter your zip code. you can check the drop down box for the specific product(s) you are looking for and find where you can buy them.

The products are delicious and easy to prepare, but most tend to be high in sodium, so do not rely on these products as the base for every meal and be sure to eat vegetables and whole grains with each meal if possible.

MSF: Prices

The prices tend to be a bit steep for some of the products, with most ranging from $3.29 to $4.29 for about 4 servings typically. Many stores feature MSF products on sale every so often (I see MSF foods on sale often for about $2.99 at my favorite local grocery store), so the best way to be cost effective is to watch for sales and coupons and utilize both at the same time. The Morningstar Farms website often features coupons (which I believe are only available to registered users, although even non-registered visitors can search recipes, products, and everything else on the site).

Since all the meat-free items are frozen, it's easy to stock up and the shelf life is long (when kept frozen). Find out more information, including FAQs (frequently asked questions), product information (nutritional information, ingredients, preparation instructions, recipes, etc) and more at the website.


personal experience and opinion

Morningstar Farms website

Veg*n Venus Blog

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Comments (6)

I'll check this out. Very interesting...

Well researched and written review.thanks

My husband does the shopping and cooking (lucky me) He has found some great vegetarian products, I am not sure what company makes the fake chicken but WOW it tastes just like chicken, and has great texture too. He also found some beef tips that taste great but have a softer texture. I wonder if this is the company?

Voted! Great article! I enjoy Morningstar Farms products quite a bit! I love their maple flavored veggie sausage. It tastes like real sausage, plus great because I tend to use the microwave a lot, and I quit eating pork sausage.

Thank you for this valuable information presented well too.

Thumbs up for Meatless Mondays and for your article too!