The Rewards of Patience: Losing Weight Slowly but Surely
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The Rewards of Patience: Losing Weight Slowly but Surely

the benefits of losing weight slowly but surely

People tend to settle for things that can be done instantly. Maybe this attitude is largely influenced by the technological breakthroughs that make things a whole lot easier for people. Instant coffees, instant meals, remote controls, cell phones, speedy mails, and so on – who cannot appreciate technology for all these conveniences?

When it comes to weight loss, people expect immediate solutions, too. And, indeed, they would get what they want through surgical and non-surgical procedures. The problem is, rapid weight loss brought about by weight loss products is not a healthy solution; it may only bring your body a lot more harm than good. Rapid weight loss would have a lot of consequences, dehydration, heart palpitations, loose skin and malnutrition among them. A slowed metabolism can also happen with rapid weight loss, which should make it difficult for you to maintain your weight. Assuming you have reached your desired weight through a rapid weight loss program, maintaining that weight for some time can be a big challenge because your metabolism slows down as a consequence of the rapid weight loss. Rapid weight loss may result to a rebound weight gain, and so the vicious cycle of losing weight and gaining weight begins anew.

The best way to lose weight, then, is to do is slowly or gradually. This should make your metabolism more consistent and therefore more efficient. Since the process is slow or gradual, the demand for your body is less, so all its systems should be able to function more effectively. With slow or gradual weight loss, you get to reduce the possibility of muscle loss, too. Muscle loss can happen when your body does not have enough calories to be converted into energy, as in the case of rapid weight loss. The body reacts to the limited amount of calories by getting energy from the muscle cells. This will make you look skinny, rather than lean. And this will also cause your skin to loosen. So while you may reduce your weight, you may develop wrinkles in the process.

Slow weight loss results to healthier hair. This is because you are getting the right amount of nutrients your body needs to maintain a healthy weight. The same cannot be said of rapid weight loss wherein your body is deprived of the essential vitamins and minerals, many of which are necessary for the good health of your hair. With rapid weight loss, your hair becomes dry and more prone to break. When you look at this, baldness can become an ugly consequence of rapid weight loss.

Another advantage of going for slow weight loss programs has something to do with your level of energy. An appropriate meal plan designed to lose weight slowly will have a balance of all the necessary nutrients, so you are more likely to feel energetic and more able to handle your workout routines.

So you see, it does pay a lot to be patient. Losing weight instantly is not an impossible dream, but look at the cost! It should make you think not just twice but many times if instant weight loss is worth it. If you don’t want to compromise your health in the process, then take the slower and longer route to weight loss - you’ll be happier with the results.


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Excellent work...very interesting and useful information....Thanks Maria

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