Smart Approach to Weight Loss
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Smart Approach to Weight Loss

Everywhere you look these days there are ads for weight-loss programs offering to produce impressive results. If you want to attain body weight, your energy of calorie intake should be equal to the energy expended during the day. Know some smart approach to weight loss from a famous dietitian by reading more...

Everywhere you look these days there are ads for weight-loss programs offering to produce impressive results.  If you want to attain your ideal body weight, your energy of calorie intake should be equal to the energy expended during the day.  This is the concept of "energy balance" as referred to in nutrition books.  Not many people are content with their weight.  Make this time be realistic about your looks.  If you need to loose a few pounds make that your goal.  When you notice you are gaining weight, try to reduce your calorie intake.  It is much easier to remove excess in the early stages.


Does sweating make you lose weight?

You do loss weight when you sweat a lot but that's all water, not fat says a fitness instructor.  The fat comes off when you burn off more calories than you take in-mainly through diet and exercise.  However, if you don't replace all the liquid you leave yourself open to cramps, dizziness, constipation, kidney problems and other complications.  The secret: Drink plenty of water before during and after strenuous workouts or activities that make you sweat says a fitness expert.

Does caffeine help you lose weight?

Studies show that caffeine tends to suppress your appetite; and make you feel more active.  Research says a coffee only temporarily controls craving.  Once the high caffeine wears off, your need to feed will come back.  Research has shown  that the caffeine from three cups of coffee still has stimulating effects on the body eight hours later.


Know some smart approach to weight loss from a famous dietitian.  How to lose weight:

  • Don't copy the diet of other.  What works for someone may not work for you.  After all, each individual has a different metabolic makeup.
  • Low fat diet.  That doesn't mean deprivation, but that doesn't mean over-indulgence, too. Cutting out red meat and alcohol and everything else in moderation could mean a healthy weight loss overtime.  What's important is to stop cheating on yourself.  Ask for skin to be removed on chicken dishes such as chicken rice, or simply remove the skin before eating.  Leave behind the gravy, especially coconut-based ones.  This help to reduce the saturated fat by as much as 50 percent.  And look for items that are roasted, grilled, steamed, boiled or stewed.  These items are prepared without excess fat.
  • Benefits of vegetables.  Select a serving of vegetables.  This will help fill you up and add thirty-five percent more dietary fiber to the meal.
  • Balance your calorie intake. You have a high-fat or high-calorie item, balance it off with items that contain lower fat and calorie the rest of the day.
  • Balanced diet. Eat balanced diet.  Dietitian revealed that choosing "good foods" over "bad" foods doesn't make any difference if you consume plateful after plateful.  As long as you eat in moderation and try to stick for balanced diet, you can eat everything.


             Balanced diet

  • Eat only when hungry.  If you often find yourself eating when you are not really hungry, try to figure out what your feelings are.  Ask yourself- are you eating because of boredom, loneliness, sadness or anger.  Do something more constructive instead of filling your emotional emptiness with food like you can surf the internet, or go for a walk or have a talk with a friend.  The minute you are full, stop eating.  It's easy to forget that you have been munching for hours when you are watching TV.  Let your tummy tell you when it's enough and listen to it.
  • Eat less, lose weight.  Put less food in your plate.  Dish out the food in the kitchen and bring the plates to the table, don't serve meals in family style.
  • Oil measurement.  Get into the habit of measuring the oil you use while you cook, rather than just pouring it out of the bottle.  It will be much easier to moderate the amount of use.
  • Benefits of olive oil.  Use olive oil for cooking when appropriate, it adds to the taste of the dish and is better for you.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.


            Use a stair instead of elevator

  • Don't try to get the closest parking space at the mall.
  • Do power dancing.  Instead   of just standing there looking like a scarecrow, wriggle, bend, swing your arms, power dance to music.


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Smart tips on weight loss and great illustrations! Voted up!

Great article! I park my car far away from the door, too. It really helps.

These approaches really works, well done Jessie.

Beautiful job.

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Thanks Donata, Kathleen, Sir Ron and Martin for the favorable comments...

If you just walk 25 minutes every day you would start to see the pounds come off pretty fast. Make sure you cut down on the fatty junk food though. Political Breaking News