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Weight Loss Forum & FAQ

Last answer by Glenda Fabillar 65 months ago +0 votes:
It is ridiculous to associate happiness with food.  In fact, it has been found out that people who eat and eat may be suffering from some sort of depression and eating is made to compensate for this condition. A person is happier when he is healthy, that is, by staying fit, and avoiding those practices that result to obesity. more
Last answer by Nicol Miller 56 months ago +0 votes:
You need to make small changes in your lifestyle. Cut the daily calories intake, take protein and fiber rich foods its help you to feel fuller longer. Regular exercise is most important, you can do exercise at home, no need to any expensive equipment. Try jumping jack, stair climbing, running with your dog, house cleaning, playing with children, yoga and many more exercise which help you to burn e... more
Last answer by freestar freestar 60 months ago +0 votes:
People view the application to provide a question in normality in cases where a individual calls for that move on courtship, MICHAEL KORS KINGSBURY though in cases where a lovely women will do which will, completely prompting designed for difficulty.As a rule, Offshore adult females should really be stereotypically private, persistent, and even arranged, so to a major severity th... more
Hi, Its been 2 months since I've started water therapy but no weight loss although skin is glowing...I need to know that this therapy has to be continued how long....Also I have a thyroid problem(hypothyroid) taking eltroxin 1 pill daily....Thnx more
Last answer by Katja Olsen 61 months ago +0 votes:
Please DO NOT do 60 minutes of exercise each day. Your body needs to recover in between training sessions in for you to improve your condition and/or strength. When you workout hard you tear some of the microscopical muscle fibres over, and they need to recover in order for you to increase your strength. You don't wanna overtrain. It is a BAD idea. A good rule is to leave on day in between you wo... more
Asked in Weight Loss36 answers
Last answer by Irene Nevins 62 months ago +0 votes:
Charlene you are so right. Weight loss requires lifestyle change. So many people think that a diet, gadget, drug, meals are the answer. These are designed as aids only. If one never learns or unlearns bad eating and exercise habits, the cycle of weight gain and loss will only become another serious health threat. I wrote an article, Back To Basics -Stop Dieting, Healthy Eating Habits Will Change ... more
Last answer by Irene Nevins 64 months ago +1 votes:
The Activity and Sleep monitor is necessary to wear at night to input your body's activity to help you achieve your weight goal. Through scientific study, it is shown that there are links between quality and quantity of sleep and weight. The hormone Leptin is produced in your fat cells and tells your body when it is full. The hormone Ghrelin is produced in the stomach and pancreas and tells ... more
Last answer by Irene Nevins 64 months ago +0 votes:
The more tools you have to arm yourself against weight gain, the healthier you will be. The free app is available for your smartphone. Our hectic lifestyles don't have us always within reach of a computer to enter our daily food and drink intake. By downloading the phone app, you have the means to enter intake as you eat and drink. This is a more accurate means of monitoring your intake. No need t... more
Last answer by Amit Anil Rivankar 64 months ago +1 votes:
Yes, Flex Belt has conducted a study to back up their claims on the effectiveness of their Ab Toning Belt in reduction of your waist size, and thus achieve weight loss in the bargain. The six weeks clinical studies showed that: a) 100% of users said that their abs felt more toned and firm after using Flex Belt. b)  92.3% of users said that the firmness of their abdominal muscles increased ... more
If there is a warranty, is it a 30-day warranty or is there a different length of days? more
Last answer by Charlene Collins 65 months ago +1 votes:
I wrote an article to help answer this question. Not everyone can do sit-ups or crunches, so mine also adds other types of exercise. more
Last answer by Anjelene Lugtu 65 months ago +0 votes:
water can help your body to remove unwanted toxins but if you're dieting and taking water only every day, it's not good for your body because it also needs other's not a good choice to lose weight. it'll only kill you. more
Last answer by Charlene Collins 66 months ago +0 votes:
Your body will start getting back into shape in about 6 to 8 weeks after having the baby. I would suggest just eating in moderation and eating more healthy foods and less junk foods, and getting regular exercise. If you weren’t overweight or obese before you were pregnant, you probably will lose most of your baby weight in a few weeks of just eating healthy and moving around. more
Last answer by Virginia Lulham 66 months ago +0 votes:
Horse Chestnut is good for blood circulation which can sometimes cause swelling if there is poor circulation. Also, sometimes you swell in the legs and feet due to water retention. Try drinking a tea made with dandelion root, green tea, and other herbs. This will help alleviate the swelling while keeping other levels such as your potassium levels at a normal, healthy level. Take some cool lotion a... more
Asked in Weight Loss3 answers
Last answer by Virginia Lulham 66 months ago +0 votes:
Go to or and look for "african mango powder" from sellers that ship internationally. It isn't too expensive and is much better than the garcinia cambogia extract pills that everyone is raving about because you are getting the pure extract in powder form and not having to ingest a bunch of filler. Email me if you are interested in learning more about the "cons" of the dried herb su... more
Asked in Weight Loss1 answers
Last answer by Alberto Jr. Purugganan 66 months ago +0 votes:
  Read websites of, ( or find Shape magazine's official website via and some aerobics ( swimming,cycling,jogging,dancing and skip rope)   are fat burners.  more
Last answer by Jorolo Kakac 66 months ago +0 votes:
Losing belly fat and weight isnt difficult at all, you just have to follow some simple suggestions. When I googled how to lose weight I found great resources: more
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