Obese and At Risk: Is Diet Good For You?
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Obese and At Risk: Is Diet Good For You?

Overweight people have a lot of reasons to undergo weight loss programs. Not only that these includes health problems but psychological stress as well. In our society where the slim, the sexy and the muscular are admired, obese individuals are often harassed. While they are wrongly judged as lazy and gluttonous; obese people are often discriminated in public places and in social instances. Sad to say, these situations sometimes result to depression. A weight loss method can be a solution. However, as depression can be a cause of obesity, depression may also result from diet plans.

Obesity is a condition of increased body weight because of too much fat build-up. There are many possible causes of obesity such as lack of exercise or physical activities, old age, genetics, medications, and illness but in addition to these, poor eating choices are also important factors. 

Poor consumption choices or lifestyle choices include not eating vegetables and fruits; drinking too much alcohol; eating processed foods; taking too much sugar and fats; and comfort eating.

While depression is one health problem linked to obesity, food is actually a cure for someone depressed such as in comfort eating. An individual who is undergoing low self esteem or misery finds happiness in eating. For someone with an ideal weight, this can definitely lead to weight gain and thus won’t be any good for a person who is already obese.

Indeed, obesity can result from depression; on the other hand, obesity can cause depression. A diet plan is a good recommendation for an obese person; however, a weight loss program may still cause depression.

Depression on weight loss

Despite of the health hazards associated with obesity like stroke, cardiac disease, hypertension etc. there are medical practitioners who will not advise an overweight individual to go on a diet.

As cited, in eating, one can find satisfaction and happiness. Eating is a way out of discomfort, out of boredom and out of sadness. Food maybe a source of energy and nourishment but it is also an effective therapy in dealing with everyday stress.  And for someone who is not emotionally stable or for people susceptible to depression, diet may not work efficiently.

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Dieting tends to cause depression since it lowers the serotonin content in the brain. Serotonin is a hormone that regulates appetite, sleep and mood. It is also known as a ‘feel good’ hormone. More to this, a low carbohydrate diet can also add up to depression. And such case is common to women than men.

A low carbohydrate diet is always associated to high protein diet. This diet plan includes less consumption of carbohydrate enriched food (sugar, rice, pasta, white bread) and more intake of protein enriched food (meat, fish and eggs).

Carbohydrates help the transport of the aminoacid tryptophan to enter the brain where it is used up to produce serotonin. Thus, with low carbohydrates in the system, there is also least production of serotonin.

Who needs NOT to go on a diet?

There are doctors that can be hesitant on advising an overweight patient to go on a diet whenever he is happy and satisfied with his present life.  While weight loss may work for some with this situation, there are those that can lose their positive outlook, even their function after a successful diet.

If an overweight individual is presently suffering from stress like having financial, relationship or job problems, weight loss methods can be a serious risk. People undergoing life changes as retirement is advised to postpone diet.  Middle age people who work very hard and receive less comfort are also measured since food enjoyment could only be their reward.

Obese or overweight people should be left alone for what is best for them. However, considering the health risks and overall wellness, diet is still suggested for everyone.

What to do

As mentioned by many diet management programs, weight loss success lies upon the individual’s determination and if one’s mind has been set for it, the following may be useful:

  • Self analysis

Ask your self, why do you eat so much?  Consider the pattern of your overeating – how long? How many times a day?  By asking these, you might have a clue on dealing with your own urge.

  • Easy to achieve goal

While seeing the result for a very short time is an instant success. This will require a lot of hard work that can be very frustrating. Losing a pound or two once a week can be modest and at the same time, an immediate achievement.

  • Occasional relapse

Allow yourself to stray from your diet during a special occasion. Have it as a treat, just bear in mind that too much even rarely, is not a good thing.

  • Moderate diet

Not only that energy is associated to our mood, it also keeps us going the whole day through. Have a diet that contains a sufficient nutrition for your daily energy requirement.

  • Regular exercise

Exercise doesn't need to be strenuous – a mild and pleasant one will do.

  • Divert yourself to other activities

As eating can be a form of stress reliever, engaging to relaxing sports as golf, sailing or riding can be a substitute. Hobbies like gardening, painting or writing are also some pleasant diversion.

For Factoidz by Phoenix Montoya @ March 13, 2012


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