Moringa (Malunggay) As an Aid for Weight Loss
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Moringa (Malunggay) As an Aid for Weight Loss

Moringa is generally recognized as aid to promote milk production for breastfeeding mothers. It is usually prepared as a delicious soup but can also be bought in pharmacies in a form of capsule as a food supplement. Nowadays, moringa has also become popular for weight loss. And while moringa’s effectiveness for weight loss is still anecdotal, moringa in its capsule and tea forms have become beneficial for some individuals. Moringa may be useful for dieters after all.

Moringa or moringa oleifera (miracle tree, drumstick tree, horseradish, malunggay) has been known for its nutritious value. As mentioned it contains more vitamin C, calcium, protein, vitamin A and potassium compared to known food sources as orange, milk, carrots and bananas.  Experts cite that moringa can balance the body’s glucose level, thus can be beneficial for diabetes. It can improve the immune system. Not only can moringa balance the cholesterol levels within the body, it also has excellent antibacterial properties. Used together with artemisia annua (a plant popularly used against malaria), moringa is also revealed to be a cure for AIDS.

Moringa has an ability to boost hemoglobin production that it can be beneficial for individuals suffering from anemia and for pregnant women who requires more iron. It is recommended for breastfeeding mothers for moringa can enhance the production of milk. Natalac, manufactured by Gruppo Medica is a non-prescription moringa supplement for such use.

Indeed, moringa can be essential especially for the undernourished individuals, for the AIDS patients, and for the pregnant and lactating mothers. But, how can someone benefit from moringa as a weight loss support?

Moringa citations for weight loss

Although, all parts of the moringa plant can be employed medicinally, the leaves are generally harvested for use. Moringa leaves in the form of tea and capsule are commonly utilized by dieters.  While moringa tea and capsule are not really categorized for weight loss, some users have cited some facts about moringa’s benefit for weight loss.

Moringa stimulates the body metabolism

Not only that free radicals cause early aging and decrease in energy levels, these tend to slow the metabolism as well. But as moringa is also packed with antioxidants, moringa can provide fast metabolism within the body. And with rapid metabolism, nutrients are easily absorbed and with this, food craving is reduced.

Nutrients play a vital role in the appetite and mood in an individual. Lack of nutrients depletes the important neurotransmitters in the brain that it craves for food. But, when supplied by nourishment, the brain becomes satisfied.  Moringa can provide the essential nutrients minus the carbohydrates and fats that can be fattening.

Moringa can work as a laxative

Moringa tea drinkers have revealed that with the daily intake of moringa tea, bowel results to becomer regular. While cleaning the body of toxins and impurities, moringa also reduces fat build up. Moringa tea is often recommended to individuals who want to have a flat belly.

Moringa can provide a non-sugar based energy

Most dieters experience weakness and depression, particularly when they are engaging in a low carbohydrate diet.  As moringa is an excellent source of energy without the calories, moringa can supply sufficient nutrients for energy for the person to feel better - emotionally and physically, while losing weight.

Image by the author

Moringa recommendation for weight loss

A laxatives or cathartic can be classified as an agent for weight loss, but it is not advisable since with its purgative action, fats, toxins, impurities and as well as important nutrients will be flushed down from the body. With this, the individual’s health maybe endangered. Fortunately, moringa is only a mild cathartic. It is a gentle laxative. Moringa’s action on the large intestine is not as powerful unlike senna which is really intended for constipation. Although, the boiled leaves of moringa can also be beneficial and is used in traditional medicine for constipation.

Moringa is actually high in fiber. While eating it as a food or taking it as a tea can be helpful for regular bowel movement, moringa in capsule types lacks this advantage.

Moringa supplement capsule can be useful for diet loss by supplying nutrients and energy without the calories.

In conclusion, moringa taken as a food and as a tea is more recommendable than having it as a dietary supplement in capsule form. Not only that the individual can benefit from moringa’s vital nutrients, moringa in food or tea form, can also provide the daily cleansing needed by body.

For Knoji by Phoenix Montoya @ April 13, 2012



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Comments (11)

Thanks dear, I was asking about weight loss in the forum and I found this real helpful.

Malunggay was never that popular before but due to innumerable researches on the leaves, its outsanding benefits are noe worldwide, thank you.

I have gained knowledge from your well presented article.thank you.

I knew nothing about this. Once again you taught me something new and very interesting. Your articles are always so great and very well presented. thank you, my friend.

Moringa sounds good for weight loss!


i've not heard of this before. Molunggay might be good solution for weight loss.

Amazing! Never thought malunggay has thise effect..

This new discovery of Moringa is both exciting and encouraging. it's totally new information to me!

Ranked #45 in Weight Loss

It has made revolution in South India. Thank you Phoenix.

hadn't heard of this, thanks Phoenix!

This sounds like a good product. I like that it's mostly natural and plant-derived. Thanks for the info!