Lose Weight Without Dieting
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Lose Weight Without Dieting

An exercise physiologist and fitness trainer says her clients find it tough to fit in a regular workout routine. For a busy woman, you might be surprised to learn, for instance, that there\\\'s a 10-minute power - walking workout that burn as many calories as running. Read more to know more on losing weight without dieting...

An exercise physiologist and fitness trainer says her clients find it tough to fit in a regular workout routine.  For a busy women, you might be surprised to learn, for instance, that there's a 10-minute power - walking workout that burns as many calories as running.  According to the fitness trainer put these clever strategies to work, and all you'll need is thirty minutes five times a week to burn off 1,500 calories.  That means you'll about half a pound a week, without even dieting.

1. Power walk.  Running burns lots of calories quickly but it can also be tough on your joints and set you up for problems like strained tendons and leg injuries.  Enter power-walking.  It is not strolling-through-the-mall kind of walking, but rather the eat-my-dust kind.  According to a research when you walk to speed so fast that it would be easier to break into a run, your calorie burn increases exponentially.  Studies show that it offers a calorie burn equal to fast running-up to 133 calories in ten minutes.

If power-walking isn't your thing, you can still rev up your calorie burn by heading for hilly terrain instead of a pancake-flat course.  Taking an even modest slopes ups your calorie burn by as much as thirty percent.

2. Bike ride.  As leisurely 30-minute bike ride is a fat burner it burns about 210 calories.  To turn your bicycle ride into a calorie-burning tour de force, alternate fast pedaling on an easy gear for one to two minutes with slower pedaling on a tougher gear for the same amount of time.

3. Swimming.  Give yourself a total workout at the same time by making use of interval training.  Instead of sticking to the  basic crawl lap after lap (which emphasizes the shoulders, backs, and arms, and burns 500 calories an hour), intersperse the backstroke technique and breaststroke technique, each of which burns 600 calories an hour.  Not only will you burn more calories but you'll also work more muscle groups.  The backstroke firms your shoulders, abs, and arms while the breaststroke tones the chest, butt, legs, and shoulders.  You can also burn calories by walking or running at long regular steps as fast as you can back and forth across the pool in hip or chest-level water.

4. In-line skates. To rev up the calorie burn, rather than just gliding along, follow an imaginary straight line and keep the center of your body aligned with it while leaning over slightly and pushing your legs out to the side.  When you skate with purpose, you double your burn (10 calories a minute, instead of five) because the larger muscles of your legs and butt get into the act.

5. Golf.  Golfers who walk and carry or pull their clubs about 280 calories an hour and that adds up when you consider that you're walking for three out of the four hours you spend on the course.

Motivation in motion

Give your body small challenge during your workout, says an author of Smart Exercise.  If slow walking is your fastest exercise, go up a short hill during your walk.  As you see that you can handle a new level in your routine, you will be motivated to take one more.

             A hilly terrain



            Neporent, Liz. Redbook, "Go for the Burn."  Woman's home companion 22 Sept. 99

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