Lesofat for Weight Loss
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Lesofat for Weight Loss

Lesofat is a brand name of orlistat. It is the same as Xenical which is a drug that acts as aid for diet or weight loss programs. Here is a review about orlistat Lesofat – more facts including warnings, safety and more importantly, on how to use Lesofat effectively. Read on.

Orlistat is a popular medication for weight loss support. Back then, it was only Xenical, but at the end of Xenical’s patent in 2009, trade names including Olisat (Biocon), Obitrol (Micro Carsyon), Orstat (Windlas) etc have been available in the market. In the Philippines, Lesofat is recognized as a cheap alternative for Xenical.

As an orlistat, Lesofat is a Gastro intestinal lipase inhibitor. It works by blocking the fats consumed by an individual. About one third of fat is prevented from being absorbed by the body and is flushed down via large intestines. Hence, with less consumption of fats means fewer calories and with this, is an ideal body weight.

However, not all can benefit from Lesofat. One may even double his weight through Lesofat treatment. Some consumers would blame the trade name. Some may tend to say that Xenical as the pioneer brand is better than Lesofat or any orlistat. Can this be true?

Lesofat facts

Lesofat is classified as an anti-obesity agent. It is an OTC or over-the-counter drug, manufactured by InnoGen Pharma. Lesofat is available in 60 and 120mg capsules.

Lesofat is indicated for overweight adults and can also be used for long term weight control to prevent weight gain. It is considered safe, especially for individuals who have high blood pressure and heart problems. As cited, Lesofat works on the digestive system unlike sibutramine (Reductil) and phentermine (Duromine) that operates on the central nervous system. 

As an orlistat, Lesofat can lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Lesofat can be used by individuals 18 years old and above. It is to be taken 1 capsule three times daily with food or within one hour after the meal.

Lesofat is not necessary if a meal is missed; or if there are no fats included in the menu.

  • Precautions and contraindications

Lesofat is contraindicated with individuals who have hypersensitivity to the drug. It is not to be used if the person has a gallbladder problem or a chronic malabsorption syndrome (cholestasis).

Lesofat is not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers.

  • Side effects

Fatty stool is a common side effect since orlistat works by eliminating the fats through the feces. Flatulence can also be observed and an increased number of bowel movements. With this, lesofat treatment is not advised when an individual needs to travel or needs to perform some serious tasks.

However, as cited by most users, these side effects are only experienced during the first three months of use.

A low fat diet can lessen the side effects. As great consumption of fats will tend to increase the discomfort, eating food with less fat will decrease the side effects.

  • Drug interactions

When used with oral hypoglycemics like metformin or insulin, Lesofat can also offer additional sugar control. But, its effect should also be monitored to prevent hypoglycemia or low blood sugar which is also not good. While Lesofat may decrease the absorption of fat-soluble vitamin (Vitamin A, D, E and K); it can also diminish the effect of amiodarone, cyclosporine, levothyroxime and other thyroid hormones. It is important to take these medications at bedtime or two hours before taking Lesofat.

Image by the author

Using Lesofat effectively

There are some individuals that cite that dieting is a waste of time. The use of anti-obesity agents such as Lesofat and other Orlistat equivalents will be effective but will only work for awhile. There are also those that gain extra pounds after Lesofat treatment.  Families and friends would suggest other brands of orlistat such as Xenical since it is the pioneer brand. Contrary to this, any weight loss method depends mainly on the individual.

Lesofat, similar to its orlistat alternatives are only aid for weight loss. To make Lesofat work, one must change his lifestyle habits like eating less caloric food and undergoing an exercise program.

Health Problems with Lesofat and Orlistat

It is best to lose weight using a low fat diet instead of these medications, and your doctor can advise you the best. Our body’s need some fat in the diet to remain healthy. There is a big difference between healthy and unhealthy fat, and anyone that is overweight or obese needs to understand this.

Saturated fats are not healthy. Eating foods like potato chips, fried foods and backed foods like donuts are not healthy fats. Healthy fats include nuts and dark chocolate. If you include healthy fats only in your diet, you should not need these medications. If you take these medications on a healthy diet, you will be denying your body of the benefits of the health fats.

Women that are pregnant should not take Lesofat or Orlistat.

For Factoidz by Phoenix Montoya @ March 13, 2012


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Comments (29)
Ranked #19 in Weight Loss

great job!

I am still a fan of healthy diet, more exercise, good lifestyle

Thank you for your research on this valuable subject.Well done!

out of votes, will come tomorrow, great job. I think you should print and make your articles into a book.

An interesting write up, thanks!

good info... well written

Have not heard of Lesofat, thanks for the info. Voted.

I haven't heard of lesofat. This is something new i learnt here.

Ranked #45 in Weight Loss

Thank you Phoenix for this weight loss info and for your loving support.

Hi, May i ask your opinion. I'm working as a Virtual Assistant. it's a home based job. Since i started work at home. I gain much weight. from 40lbs to 50lbs and i am very worried about it. some of my clothes don't fit at all and it's annoying. I work almost 24hrs, 7 days a week. very workaholic. don't have much time to exercise. Does lesofat can help me with my weight problem? Hoping for your advice. Thanks and God Bless

Hi rasshell, Lesofat is the same as Xenical. It is actually an aid for dieting. Yes, it can help you lose weight. You see? It will help you take out fats, whenever you will be eating fatty foods. But, the consequence here is that you'll have frequent visits to the CR and you'll have to expect fatty or greasy stools. This is a common side effect but users (most of my customers) say that if there is least consumption of fats then there is also least bowel discomforts. Lesofat same as other orlistat can help you reduce .... but, you'll have to moderate your eating too and exercise a bit. You should talk to a physician first if you have other medical conditions.

Still from 40 to 50lbs is not really fat ... are you sure its 40 to 50 lbs or is it in kgs? If its actually in 40 to 50 kgs then you won't need Lesofat. You'll have to eat less and exercise a bit. Lesofat is for really over weight individuals.

well, am i really not fat? all people who knows me. even my parents told me i am getting bigger and i am fat. i got conscious about my body. that's why i'm searching for some medicine that could help me. the last time i saw my weight i think it's last two months ago already. but my waist line as of now is 31. I knew it last week when i'm buying jeans for myself and i am really shocked about it. The nature of my work is very hectic and i can't find a time to take some exercise.. maybe i could have a break for a seconds. like now, i am replying your message. but i think seconds is not enough for me to exercise. what do you think?

A weight loss diet with Lesofat may not really require a lot of exercise since Lesofat will eliminate the fats that you will be eating. The question here, can you eat food with less fat? Because the consequences may not be nice for you - I mean the frequent trips to the bathroom. You can try Lesofat though for a three days or a week ... if you can tolerate its side effects. But, may I ask what weight loss medications have you taken?

well, before i tried the biguerlai tea then the Bio fit tea. but i stop it because i don't see any good result to my body. and it hurts a lot to my tummy like i almost faint before i go to the bathroom.

Hi again rassnell, sorry for the late reply. Biguerlai andBiofittea are the same, both laxative. I am sorry to say that ifyou willintend to use Lesofat, you'll have the same side effect,of going tothe bathroom from time to time, only this time withLesofat, itsgoing to be an oily stool. However, orlistat usersclaim that thisonly happens during the early take as like within three months ofuse but if the user will consume less fat, then theside effect willbe lesser. I am reluctant to recommend Lesofatthough because Ireally think, you do not need this. Anyway, Lesofat is only an aidto reduce faster, but if someone will stillbe eating more then thisdiet method will only be a waste of money.I am 5 feet, I do notknow my weight but my waistline is about 29?I can understand aboutthe 'jeans thing'. Last Christmas, I wasgoing to buy size 31 incase I get fatter. But, shook my head aboutit. So, there my 29inches size jeans became my mark that if everit won't fit anymore,I will have to eat less. My bottom line here,exercise is just tomake us active. We are not models orcelebrities that we needstrenuous exercise. Dieting for simplepeople like us just need toeat less. But, in your case, working athome you can do simpleexercises like cleaning the house or justplain stretching from timeto time while you work. I am sorry if Iam not much of a bighelp.

Refer to the pyramid food guide. You can Google it up. Eat less but be sure to have more of the nutrients - vegetables and fruits have a lot of those. Good luck and if still not satisfied, you are welcome to ask me again. I'm always willing to help. thanks.

Oh, okay.. Thank so much for the advice and info.. good thing i found this article.. good thing i ask you first before i buy Lesofat.

by the way, does oatmeal can make you fat?.. i always eat oatmeal while i'm working.

Oatmel is okay. In fact, most dieters have oatmeal as part of their weight loss management.

You really are Number 1 Expert in medical articles. Very informative and well researched. Thank you my friend.

Another learning article for me.

Hi, what if I only take one capsule every night, will that help? I\'m a little worried about the frequent visit to the CR.   I\'m 5\"5 and and my weight is 140lbs, and I believe I\'m fat, I started gaining weight after my appendectomy. Previously, I took Biguerlai, but after 1 sachet I stopped using it because my \"frequent visit\" lasted for 3 days. hard to believe but its true. Any suggestion/s? Thanks.. :)

Hello Gian Yap. If you do not want the frequent trips to the bathroom, Lesofat may not be good for you. I\'m not sure if its slimming effect will work if you take it once a day because the dosage regimen is suggested 3 times a day. And, if there are no fatty foods in your meal, you do not need take Lesofat. So, it will not work if you take Lesofat at bedtime because you won\'t have to burn fats.

i\\\\\\\"am just asking if its ok with to take lesofat.. kung na operahan napo ako nang galbladder one napo nung february 7, 2013 last year po ako na operhan

hi, thank you very much for this very informative article. I\'m thinking of trying lesofat as I have grown big after I stopped going to the gym for the past 5 months. I have hypertension that\'s why I have second thoughts of trying lesofat. But reading your article, it was reassuring that there is no critical effect to hypertensives. More power.

Hi, I wanted to take Lesofat but Im having a second thought coz Im also taking birth control pills like Diane 35 because it helps my skin to develop. However, one of the side effects of diane 35 is having an extra or gain weight. So im really having a time here if what should i do. one pill gave me extra weight while the other helps to lose fat. please reply.. heres my email jeremyjoyfrancisco@gmail.com
hi i just want to ask if its ok to use lesofat if i am taking the pills? thanks.
How many lesofat per day? +wat tym is the preferred time to drink lesofat??
How many lesofat need to take per day?? And wat is the preferred time??