Green Tea Benefits: How to Lose Weight by Using Green Tea
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Green Tea Benefits: How to Lose Weight by Using Green Tea

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One of the best health benefits of green tea is its ability to aid in weight loss. Green tea is an excellent and an effective medicine to lose weight. It not only gives you an extra energy boost, but also helps to boost the metabolism to a great extent.

Green tea helps in blocking fat absorption and aids in burning fat. It is an excellent way to reduce weight because it does not require you to go on a very low calorie diet. Read on to learn about the green tea benefits and how to lose weight by using green tea in different ways. 

Green tea weight loss really works. Green tea helps you to lose weight as it blocks the conversion of energy into fat, and helps your body to absorb less dietary fat at the same time. And most of all it regulates your blood sugar levels and aids in reducing food cravings.

Regular consumption of green tea in combination with the right diet and exercise can really help you to shed those extra pounds you have been carrying around. Here are the different ways to use green tea to achieve your goal of a perfect figure easily.

Drink two to three cups of green tea everyday

To lose weight I strongly suggest stop drinking coffee and tea from now on and just drink green tea; hot or cold whatever tastes the best. Simply keep green tea bags in your handbag and use them wherever you go. At office or your friend's place make green tea your favorite beverage. Several cups of green tea during the day will surely aid in losing those extra pounds.

Green tea pills / Green tea extract capsules


If you detest the taste of green tea then green tea pills or capsules can do the trick for you. Eat green tea pills or capsules and enjoy the health benefits of green tea. While choosing the capsules or pills , look for EGCG content. Green tea pill or capsule should contain high amounts of EGCG as it helps to stimulates your metabolism and also enhances the ability to burn calories.

 If you don’t like drinking green tea try eating foods made with green tea

Green tea super foods are an excellent supplement for people who don’t like drinking green tea. Green tea cookies, Green tea ice cream, Green tea bread, green tea cakes, grilled green tea chicken are few examples of green tea magic super foods.


Green tea chewing gum

Green tea chewing gum has the similar benefits, like drinking green tea. Instead of eating your regular chewing gum switch to green tea chewing gum and enjoy the health benefits of the organic green tea gum.


The amazing green tea gum is available sugar free and each piece equals to a cup of tea. Green tea chewing gum can be used whenever and wherever you are; an excellent substitute for drinking green tea.

Green tea Powder – Matcha, Sencha, Gyokura

Green tea powder can be used with water or any other hot or cold beverage and at the same time can be used in cooking and baking too. Green tea powder can be consumed by sprinkling on yogurt; or you can use it in dips and sauces.


Green tea powder is available in different varieties like Matcha, Sencha, Gyokura etc which are easily available in supermarkets these days. The powder works best with baked foods and ice creams as it gives an excellent flavor and color.

Now you know the different ways of using green tea. If you don't like drinking it simply go for capsules or pills. Chew green tea gum or eat green tea foods. The result of incorporating green tea in your daily dietary routine is really fruitful. So what are you waiting for get set to get slim and trim by going green in your daily diet. Best of luck!

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Well that was interesting. I doubt I could get the food choices or powder down, but green tea with a little splenda is a nice drink.

It one of my favorite hot beverages. Thanks for encouraging my tea habit.I never dreamed there are so many forms of green tea that are available.

Great article, pictures are lovely.