Electronics To Track Number of Calories Burned
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Electronics To Track Number of Calories Burned

Embrace technology and use electronics designed to help you track calories burned. The electronics include pedometers, calorie counter watches, and health-related websites. Smartphone mobile apps are also emerging as an easily portable way to enter caloric information. Use the technology to assist you in your goals for better health and weight loss.

Electronics surround most people in their daily lives and are now helping people achieve their goals to be healthier or lose weight. There are even gadgets compute number of calories you burn over a set time. Track the number of calories lost by using pedometers, watches, websites, and mobile apps for smartphones.


A pedometer is an electronic device, usually portable, that measures the number of steps you take while walking. The gadget detects number of steps based on your hip motion and is therefore worn at the hip. You can set up the device to count calories by using a simple formula.

Begin by determining how many steps you take in a mile. For the average 155-pound person, one mile is equal to about 2,000 steps, according to LIVESTRONG. A person of this weight burns about 100 calories over 2,000 steps. Adjust the numbers to the amount of steps you take in a set time. For example, if you walk 1,000 steps then you burn about 50 calories.

Pedometers range in price from $5 to $300; pricier versions of the gadgets have GPS technology. Several pedometers are affordable at under $100.


Calorie counter watches are a technology quickly becoming more popular. Use the watches to track the number of calories you lose during a workout, whether at home, on a walk, or on a treadmill at the gym.

The wristwatches count calories by simply pressing a button. Many watches also include a heart rate monitor, without even needing a chest strap. Set your user profile using the watch and the gadget goes to work. You no longer need to compute in your head the number for calories you burn during a workout.

Pricing for calorie counter watches vary, depending on number of technical features. Amazon currently lists the Bowflex Classic 10S Pink Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Calorie Counter at $59. A search of “Calorie Counter Watches” on Amazon shows 424 results. The watches have various colors and shapes for men and women.


Numerous health websites feature calorie-counting calculators. The pages read like forms as you key in personal characteristics that include age, height, and weight. Choose your workout activities from the dropdown menu and press the Calculate button to compute average number of calories burned. Three great websites that calculate calories burned are Self, A Calorie Calculator, and My Optum Health.


There are mobile apps for smartphones such as iPhones that count calories for you along with other health-related information.

For example, the Calorie Tracker app lets you input daily calorie intake. Track calories consumed over a period to note trends and keep your eating habits on track. The smartphone app also tracks your exercise goals and any fluctuations to your weight. Other mobile apps for the iPhone are Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary and Calorie Manager.

Electronics can assist with your health goals. Gadgets such as calorie counter watches, pedometers, websites, and mobile apps track how many calories you burn. Use the electronics as tools to help meet your fitness goals.


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