5 Weight Loss Gift Ideas For Moms On A Diet
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5 Weight Loss Gift Ideas For Moms On A Diet

Mom is on a diet, what I get my mom on Mother's Day that encourages weight loss but is still a nice gift?

Mother's Day is an exciting time to honor women who are mothers.  The job of mothering can be strenuous yet many women find themselves gaining unwanted pounds starting at pregnancy and sometimes never completely regaining pre-pregnancy weight.  So, when Mother's Day rolls around the idea of receiving typical gifts such as chocolates or heavy-caloried goodies may be received with a frustrated groan by a mother on a diet.

Following are five weight loss gift ideas for moms on a diet.  Make sure you present your gifts with a loving note and something special tucked in as an added bonus such as little soaps or aromatherapy candles, etc.  Not every mom will receive every item on the list with enthusiasm.  So, know your individual weight-losing dieter mom and use your best judgment in how you wrap and present the item.

  1. Portable water thermos/mug - This may sound boring at first glance.  But, to a woman trying to lose weight, it can be a welcome gift.  Water is a very important part of weight loss.  Drinking at least 8 glasses a day is essential to maintaining health.  Weight loss brings the need to stay hydrated.  However, to avoid a letdown upon opening the gift, you can personalize the thermos/mug.  Some can be bought ready to insert customized pictures into a clear sleeve.  When it's time to wash the item, the inside unscrews so as not to destroy the pictures with water damage.  Pictures, hand prints of the children or colorful artwork can be a welcome personalized addition to this gift.  Of course, you can always include this as part of a larger gift basket.
  2. Fresh fruit basket - There are delivery companies who make custom baskets of fresh fruit which make a very nice presentation.  But if you're wanting to save some money, you can easily design your own.  Buy an inexpensive basket or other container and fill it up with fruits that mom enjoys most.  To be creative or more resourceful, you can choose a unique container instead of a basket such as a pretty colander or pitcher.  Fill it up with pretty, fresh fruit and wrap it in tulle tied with a bow at the top.
  3. Workout clothes - Workout clothes can make exercising and burning off calories more enjoyable with the comfort designed in breathable fabric and designs that don't bind and allow for cooling the body's core faster.  Make sure this is something mom really wants before considering this item.  Be careful to get the proper size, though.  Buying a size too large may make mom feel like she looks even worse than she truly does.  Buying a size too small will only frustrate matters as she may feel discouraged that she cannot even fit into the clothes to work the weight off or if she does manage to squeeze into them, they may be so uncomfortable that the workout is even more difficult due to clothing restraints.  Finding clothing that is intended for the purpose of working out is your best bet.  Or, a gift card works too.
  4. Cook A Nice Meal - Cook a nice healthy meal for mom.  Make sure it's lean in fat and rich in vegetables and nutrition.  Meats such as chicken are a good option along with fresh steamed vegetables and some fresh fruit.
  5. Time - Give mom the needed time she needs to work out.  Spending time with children can be stressful and sometimes does not provide the workout needed for well-rounded muscle tone.  The gift of time can be priceless to a mother who cannot seem to find the time to care for her own needs in the midst of caring for others.  All she needs is an hour or two 3-4 times a week to get a good aerobic workout alternating with weight training.

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